Bobba scheduled for September launch

After successfully developing it’s three year wireless research project, Mini Friday (a successful mobile virtual world), Sulake – the parent company of Habbo – has confirmed that Bobba is scheduled to launch in September. Bobba is Sulake’s newest addition to it’s virtual worlds. Unlike Habbo, which runs on a computer, Bobba is a virtual world accessible from mobile devices. The mobile virtual world has some visual similarities to Habbo, but Bobba is targeting an older demographic of 16 years and older.

Bobba images

Mika Salmi, Sulake’s Chairman of the Board, told Reuters that the new world will be the first virtual world that can be accessed directly from the iPhone or iPod Touch, either via a wireless connection or an operator’s network. In another comment to Reuters, Sulake’s Chief Executive Timo Soininen said “Bobba is still very much in the early development phase … Our aim is to build a virtual world, which is virtually platform free — it can be accessed practically anywhere, with all kinds of devices.”

Bobba opened public testing earlier this year and can currently be accessed from mobile phones running the Nokia Symbian operating system. The virtual world currently has over 28,000 registered accounts.

More on the story can be found in this article.


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