Fairy Forest, an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Demo for Kids

The market for Oculus Rift games and experiences is ramping up at pace, with a wide variety of genres and applications being published. This first tranche of demos and games range from rollercoaster rides and scuba diving, through to first person space shooters and horror games.

These games are being developed by enthusiasts and indie developers right through to more established game studios such as Frontier Developments (creating Elite: Dangerous) and CCP (creating Eve Valkyrie).

From a user perspective, due to the fact that the Oculus Rift headset is still in ‘developer mode’ and Sony’s Morpheus device is scheduled for launch early 2015, the ‘players’ of these early games are adults. However, as our Consumer Virtual reality market sizing assessment illustrates, it will not be long before kids and tweens become a driving force in the market as headsets become consumer-ready.

[As a side note, from a strategic perspective Facebook would do well to consider the Oculus Rift as a key tool to appeal to the younger users they are struggling to attract. Tweens and early teens have flocked in their millions to browser-based virtual worlds. Now, with the advent of virtual reality, social virtual worlds and immersive experiences will become extremely engaging. This is also one of our key strengths – creating virtual worlds and experiences for the KT&T (kids, tweens and teens) marketplace.]

To that end, welcome to Fairy Forest.

fairy forest kzero dubit

Fairy Forest is a virtual reality experience designed for kids and tweens. Developed in collaboration with Dubit, this is a prototype created to demonstrate the immersive qualities of VR.

3D environments, coupled with strong narrative and engaging game mechanics will combine to present massive growth opportunities for the KT&T market and we’re positioning ourselves to be at the forefront of this virtual revolution building on our expertise from browser and tablet screen-based virtual worlds.

Fairy Forest is available to download from the WeArVR virtual reality gaming portal.

fairy forest kzero dubit3fairy forest kzero dubit2

fairy forest kzero dubit4

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