L’Oreal Paris: A Branded Virtual Goods campaign from KZero

L’Oreal Paris (UK) has launched their branded virtual goods campaign in Second Life with strategy, planning and implementation provided by KZero.

The campaign has been created to promote a range of real life and virtual world make-up looks across Second Life and is comprised of the following elements:


Four real world make-up looks have been created and made available to residents as branded virtual goods. These looks have been created as skins and shapes. Second Life was selected as the most appropriate metaverse for this campaign due to the presence of early adopters falling into their target market as well as the incumbent demand for avatar customisation.

The first two make-up looks are Vintage Glamour (featuring Penelope Cruz)and Some like it Scarlett (featuring Scarlett Johansson).

You can see all the make-up looks here.

Virtual retailing and distribution strategy

Rather than create an island-based venue and attempt to drive traffic out from the mainland, instead a selection of existing Second Life fashion metabrands have partnered with L’Oreal Paris to promote and stock the make-up looks.

The make-up looks are available for free, from the following stores (with more stores to follow):

Product placement

In support of the campaign and to bring residents even closer to the L’Oreal Paris brand, some of the products featured in the make-up looks have been ‘super-sized’ and placed into a giant handbag in the highly popular Greenies Kitchen.

Visitors to the Kitchen are able to explore inside the handbag and also obtain their free make-up looks by clicking on the Glam Shine product. L’Oreal Paris is the first official real-world brand to appear at this location.

Media placement

The mainland virtual retailing and product placement strategy is also being supported by targeted advertising. A selection of insertions and executions are being placed into fashion and clothing related SL magazines and websites.

The adverts are promoting both the branded make-up looks and the participating stores. One the the first examples of a real world brand promoting a virtual world partnership strategy.

In-world search engine marketing and other promotion

To further promote the campaign, residents are able to use the search engine functionality in Second Life to locate a participating store. Entering ‘l’oreal’ in the search box brings up all the venues and stores stocking the make-up looks.

Other Promotion

Here’s a video of the campaign.

Further information: