Are you on the Radar?

The KZero Radar chart is a visualization of all the operating and in-development virtual worlds and youth MMOs in the marketplace.

Alongside the Universe chart, the Radar is often used at industry conferences, academic presentations and in investor slidedecks to easily explain the sector. The Q1 2012 Radar is shown below and an extract right.

Well, we’re in the process of updating the Radar and we will also be re-adjusting the category names to reflect a greater number of IP and brand-led virtual worlds in the market.

We’re already aware of a lot of the in-development worlds and MMOs (because we assist them in getting to market) but there’s bound to be some we’re not aware of.

If you’re developing a virtual world or MMO targeting the KT&T (kids, tweens and teens) sectors, let us know and we’ll make sure you’re on the Radar!

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