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3 days ago

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19 May

User analysis for Football Superstars

Football Superstars now has 336,000 total registered accounts. Here’s some analysis of those users.

Firstly the country breakdown. It’s not surprising that the UK is top (I vaguely remember that we invented the game) with 49%.

Brazil didn’t invent football but they’re rather good at it AND the Brazilians LOVE virtual worlds – they’re in second place with 12% of registrations. The balance here is primarily European-driven with a token 3% for the USA – this has to be the smallest US proportion for any virtual world in the market at present.

Next, age bands. Pre-launch, we forecasted an average age for Football Superstars mid to late 20’s. We’re not too far off, as shown in the chart left.

The highest group is 15 to 19 year olds with 33.7% of total registrations, following with 22.6% by 20 – 24. So, there’s a nice sweetspot here for an extremely hard-to-reach demographic.

Should we even bother showing the gender split? Nah. Instead, we welcome estimates – give us your best guess of the % of females who have registered by adding a comment and we’ll reveal the answer in a week.

6 May

Augmented Reality video round-up

Star Trek


Markerless Feature Tracking


Avatar control

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