The Consumer Virtual Reality Face Race: Q1 2015 Update

It’s CES time and the consumer virtual reality market has gone into ‘double busy’ mode. All the players, large and small, have a presence at CES this year with the big boys (Oculus, Samsung etc) presenting their kit alongside smaller start-ups keen to move into this rapidly growing space.

We’ve been tracking the movers and shakers in the consumer VR market for over a year now and shown below is the Q1 2015 update of the ‘Face Race’. This visualization shows all the companies developing headsets for VR as well as those creating devices for Augmented and Mixed Realities.

face race q1 2015

Companies with Red dots have launched consumer versions of their headsets or have developer kits readily available. Q4 2014 saw several companies join this launch stage, including Carl Zeiss with the VR One and Samsung with the Gear VR.

Orange dots show companies allowing pre-orders and/or allowing selected developers to test their headsets. Yellow dots represent companies still in development. Newly added (in Q1 2015) companies joining the Face Race include Moggles Razer (with the OSVR), XG VR and Viewbox.

We’ve also just updated our Hardware Radar showing all companies developing peripherals for consumer virtual reality. The Q1 2015 update of the Hardware Radar chart is here.

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