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3 days ago

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New movies and avatar interaction

There’s a couple of new movies on the scene with interesting concepts relating to avatars. The first is Gamer, based on a futuristic game show allowing people to control others. The second is Surrogates, where humans live in isolation and remotely control robot versions of themselves. It’s not a rosey view of the future but nevertheless both are interesting takes on avatar and human interaction. Here’s the trailers:

Proving the Point (Cloud mapping with Earthmine)

An interesting video of ‘Stereo’ image capture and point-cloud mapping from Earthmine. Looking it this another way, it’s an alternative solution for Mirror Worlds.

Mobile AR GPS system

The type of demo shown in the video below from Occipital is a great early example of augmented reality without markers. Kinda makes you start to think that hardware will become less and less important in the not so distant future.

21 Jun

Hands free with Natal


Another E3 demo worth checking it is Project Natal for the XBox. It’s a controller-free gaming interface. What’s really important here is the fact that brand-new categories and genres of games are on the horizon. Here’s a selection of videos showcasing Natal.

So much for gamers (that’s all of us) turning into couch potatoes. I’d be worried if I was in the fitness club/gym industry….or maybe I’d be really excited ;)

USPS AR box ap

OK, it’s marker-based but the concept works. This is a shipping box sizer app for USPS.

(Cheesy one-liner about thinking inside the box).

20 Jun

Franktown Votes!

Kids/Tween Worlds

Music-based VW Franktown Rocks recently conducted some light polling into their user base. Voting took place in a dedicated room, which turned out to be rather popular apparently. Here’s some of the results…

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20 Jun

We are ARtobots

Well, actually Autobots. This is a nice tactical app from Total Immersion using facial recognition to augment Optimus Prime onto your head. It doesn’t work with cats – we tried it. The video is below and the link to try it yourself is here.

20 Jun

Project Milo

Videos / Machinima

‘Milo’ is a concept from Lionhead Studios, a UK-based game developer. The application (if that’s the right word) was recently demo’d at E3.

4 Jun

Mobile is Dead (and it has to be brought back to life)

Robert Rice tells it how it is for augmented reality – his presentation from Mobile Monday in Amsterdam.

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