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3 days ago

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KZero in The Guardian: Virtual worlds: is this where real life is heading?

The registered population of online communities such as Second Life and Blue Mars is greater than that of the US and Europe combined. Today’s residents of the simulated universe aren’t just socialising but doing big business.

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7 Aug

Animal Jam continues the trend in Branded Virtual Worlds

Demonstrating the continuing trend for existing brands to create their own virtual worlds (Branded Virtual World), this week we’ve seen the launch of Animal Jam.

This property, from National Geographic also highlights another key trend in the sector, channel convergence.

NatGeo worked with Smart Bomb Interactive on development and Jadi Communications for the marketing strategy and execution.

We were tasked by Jadi to review the marketing strategy/messaging and provide a competitive analysis of the landscape in order to ensure correct positioning.

This is a kids and tween play with the benefit of rich NatGeo content.

With the launch of National Geographic Animal Jam, National Geographic for the first time is offering content from its extensive multimedia resources as an integrated component of a virtual world for young adventurers and their families. Players can access video features, photos and facts about animals, plants and insects in a game world that encourages them to move from the virtual to the natural world by exploring nature right in their own neighborhood or backyard. Continue reading →

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