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3 days ago

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Universe chart Q3 2010: 10 to 15 year olds

Virtual worlds with an average user age of between 10 and 15 account for 46% of the total market – that’s 468m of the 1.009bn as at Q3 2010.

Shown below is the updated Universe chart for this age segment. Stardoll leads this segment with 69m total registered accounts and has experienced extremely strong growth year to date.

Neopets pops into second place with 63m with Club Penguin in third with 47m, accordingly to our estimates and data access.

In terms of worlds in development (blue dots) there’s some interesting concepts entering the market.

Lego Universe will of course be an interesting one to watch, particularly bearing in mind the client download factor.

The other in-development worlds are largely what we call ‘Vertical’ worlds – virtual worlds themed into specific genres, as opposed to the more generalist casual gaming and socialising platforms already in the market. Adventure in Oz and Star Team (both KZero clients) are examples of movie/IP-led worlds coming to market.

Our complete report covering Q3 2010 registered accounts and all segments of the Universe chart can be ordered here.

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Virtual world registered accounts breakthrough 1bn

Our Q3 2010 Universe Chart has just been completed and the major headline to report is that total registered accounts have reached 1bn (1.009bn to be exact).

That’s a 51m increase in accounts from Q2 2010 and a 350m increase over the last 12 months. The chart below shows quarterly growth from Q1 2009.

From an age perspective, the 10 to 15 year old age range still dominates, with 468m total registered accounts, a 24m increase from Q2. The second largest group is 15 to 25 with 288m accounts – a 15m increase. The table below shows total registered accounts by age band from Q1 2009. Continue reading →

24 Sep

Virtual worlds successfully using Facebook to grow user bases

You might be interested to learn that virtual world IMVU has almost 1.4m fans of their .

Why do they use Facebook? Lot’s of reasons…

  • It’s a marcomms channel: IMVU communicates the latest news, competitions and user updates
  • Their users also use Facebook: So it makes sense to go where their users are when they’re not in IMVU
  • Rewards: IMVU offers ‘secret sales’ to their followers on Facebook
  • It boosts viral activity: Push notifications from users extend the viral reach

The second point above is the no-brainer of course. But, you might be even more interested to learn that virtual worlds with users below the minimum age requirement (13) for Facebook for similar purposes (and more, explained later). Let’s not kid ourselves – Facebook is chocka-block with under age users. And it’s also full of users at the higher age range end of these kids/tween worlds.

As shown in the chart below (worlds ranked by average user age), whilst these KT&T worlds are not quite at IMVU levels in terms of followers, they’re not doing badly.

Some of these worlds integrate elements of their virtual world experience into Facebook, therefore broadening their reach. Others (most actually) use it is a marcomms channel to speak to their users and the parents of these users (Jumpstart is a great example of this). Others use the Facebook Connect feature to automate the registration process – a great idea.

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