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3 days ago

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A Slideshare presentation about Slideshare presentations

Sharing is something we like to do at KZero. And, over the years we’ve shared a great deal of research and insight about the virtual worlds sector.

In fact, we only have one report that we don’t provide for free – everything else is shared, made available on request and viewable on Slideshare. To date, KZero reports and presentations have amassed over 320,000 views on Slideshare, so we’ve done a little presentation showing some data about the reports.

The headlines:

  • Total views: 324,410
  • Email shares: 592
  • Tweets: 158
  • Favourites: 356

Our most popular report on Slideshare is the old Kids, Tweens and Teens report (the newer, better version of this report is our only premium report), with 192k views to date. Second place goes to our Virtual Worlds 2011 report, approaching 20k views. Here’s our Slideshare presentation about Slideshare presentations.



KZero services:


Business Planning


Product Development

Fans flock to Virtual Worlds on Facebook

A year ago we looked at the popuarlity of Facebook fan-pages for a number of popular virtual worlds, including those with users under 13. The results, i.e. the number of respective fans for each virtual world were not surprising, with the larger worlds enjoying a higher number of fans than the smaller ones.

The chart below shows the same analysis one year on. Across the board – increases. But of course that’s to be expected as these virtual worlds (and most others, regardless of target market) use Facebook for a variety of reasons. And, of course Facebook itself is grown.

Some worlds actually use Facebook to communicate directly to parents of their users, whilst others promote events and competitions. Another growth area is using Facebook during beta trials to both recruit new users and . Probably the area with the biggest potential is . More about that in a future post.


So what do we see here?

maintains pole position with a huge number of fans (in reality they actually even more fans then we’re showing in the chart but we’ve taken the fan-page with the highest following).

They’ll be breaking through 1m fans and on the tails of pretty soon. We’ve taken IMVU out of this analysis because this focus is on KT&T.

has grown massively during the last year with 500k fans now with Hello Kitty Online (note – a young brand) coming in with over 300k fans.

Another future post and supporting report will look right across the spectrum of all virtual worlds using Facebook as an acqusition and retention tool.

Moving on, some of you may look at the chart above and comment that Facebook itself has grown significantly over the same 12 month period so seeing increases in the fan-pages of virtual worlds (and any other group on Facebook) shouldn’t be a surprise. We asked ourselves the same question and did some further analysis. Continue reading →

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