Virtual Reality Hardware Market Q4 2014

Another quarterly update, another set of new companies developing hardware for the consumer VR market – welcome to our Q4 2014 update.

Let’s start with the ‘Face Race’ – i.e. companies developing HMD’s for virtual reality. Our device spectrum visualisation is shown below.

augmented and virtual reality device spectrum master for q4 2014.001

So what’s going to happen this quarter? The major HMD launch is expected to the Samsung Gear VR which is slated for a December 2014 release. Samsung has been really smart with respect to launch preparation because they’ve been working with a slew of  developers to port existing Oculus Rift games over to the Gear VR, as well as initiating a range of brand-new games. HMDs are pretty useless without content so they’ll be numerous titles available for the Gear VR at launch. Continue reading →