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15 Aug

Phat Cats, phat traffic

Luxury Brands, Metabrands, Music

Phat Cats, phat traffic. Although not the single most important metric when measuring the performance of activities in virtual worlds, traffic/footfall, i.e. visitors, is still an important statistic because it indicates the popularity of a venue.

Recent posts have shown how music is an integral part of the virtual world experience and creating a shift away from listening the music privately to enjoying genre-based music with others. The Phat Cats Romantic Ballroom is a great example of creating a genre-based venue in a virtual world with music (jazz) acting as the catalyst for popularity – Phat Cats is consistently one of the top twenty most frequented venues in Second Life.

So, this place is popular because it facilitates two things – dancing and music and is an example of how virtual worlds are used in a social connection sense, in this content with the ability to slow-dance with your partner. And for those of you that think this is a pretty strange thing to be doing in Second Life, I suggest you click here and see how popular it really is.

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The Significance of Music in Second Life

The Significance of Music in Second Life. Music is a binding factor in Second Life – if you want to know where large groups of people gather and interact, follow your ears. Venues providing audio streams and (usually) event-scheduled parties attract a lot of the traffic in SL, much like the recreated cities discussed here.

But, whereas venues themed as real life places attract residents due to being ‘familiar’ to them, music venues are popular for different reasons. The Evolving Web blog has a great post about the importance of shared music experiences in Second Life.

The article charts the evolution of music online leading to more private experiences (based on the iPod generation) and the emerging shift to enjoying music with others online – Second Life being a great example of this. Continue reading →

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