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2 Aug

Kaneva and on the offensive

Teenage+ Worlds

Kaneva and on the offensive. Two virtual worlds focussing on the social aspects of virtual worlds, Kaneva and are stepping up their efforts to grow their population bases.

With the increased media focus on metaverses, these two platforms are hoping to steal marketshare from Second Life. As this analysis of content creation vs age ranges shows, these worlds share a common ground in terms of target market.

As the proposition for both Kaneva and is more about social interaction than content creation, both companies are promoting their 3D voice offerings. A google search for 3D chat highlights this proposition as well as the competitive nature of this space.

Kaneva has stepped up the pace and is also promoting 3D voice via banners across targeted website. Let the battle commence. vs Second Life: demographics vs Second Life: demographics. Ben Richardson from has kindly given me an insight into the demographic profile of the population of This virtual world has almost 1m registered members and is growing strongly. [read more about comparitive virtual world analysis]


To date, the most recognised brand in was MTV, running a walled garden version of Laguna Beach, although several major brands including Capitol Music Group are implementing this platform into their marketing strategies.

. is a virtual world geared towards a slightly younger age profile than Second Life – the average age of a resident is 22, over ten years younger a typical Second Life resident. positions itself much more as a ‘hang-out’ social destination than a creative platform, although content creation and in-world currency (therebucks) are both available.


Here’s an age range comparison between the two:


The minimum age threshold for the main grid of Second Life (18 years) may be a reason why younger dems reside in As shown above, 32% of the registered population are in the 13 – 17 bracket. Although Second Life does has a teen grid, this is kept completely apart from the adult population and does not have a currency or allow commercial activity.

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30 Apr

Kaneva roadmap video

Kaneva roadmap video. Insight about the strategy behind Kaneva, from CEO/Founder Chris Klaus and Chief Gaming Office/Co-Founder Greg Frame.

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