Why a Gaming License from Anjouan is a Good Option for Startups


A small island off the coast of Africa called Anjuan has recently gained popularity as a travel destination for online gambling companies. The island has a number of benefits for casinos, including a low tax rate, lax regulations, and a knowledgeable workforce.


Anjouan is a desirable choice for gambling industry startups due to these benefits. Some of the explanations are as follows:


Low taxation: Anjouan levies a very low tax on operators of gambling establishments. On gross gaming revenue, businesses must only pay 2% in taxes. The tax rates in many other countries, like Malta (35%) and the Isle of Man (10%), are significantly higher than this one. This can save new businesses a lot of money, which can then be put back into the company.

Regulatory environment that is relatively lax: Anjouan has lax gambling laws. There are no prerequisites for obtaining a license or setting up shop on the island. This makes it simple for new businesses to establish themselves and launch profitable gambling ventures quickly. This can help startups save a lot of time and money, which they can use to concentrate on expanding their businesses.

English-speaking skilled labor force: Anjouan has a skilled labor force. This is crucial for gambling industry startups because they need to be able to recruit and keep qualified employees. The accessibility of a skilled workforce can facilitate business growth and help startups get up and running more quickly.

In addition to these benefits, Anjouan is a jurisdiction that is generally stable and safe. This is crucial for startups because they need to be able to run their companies without worrying about unstable political environments or legal issues.


Anjouan is, all things considered, a good choice for new gambling businesses. Startups can save money, launch their businesses quickly, and scale them more easily thanks to the low tax rate, lax regulatory environment, and skilled workforce.


Startups should think about the following extra factors before deciding whether to apply for an Anjouan gaming license:


Business plan of the startup: The Anjouan gambling market should be a good fit for the business plan of the startup. For instance, startups in Anjouan with online casino games or sports betting are more likely to succeed than those with other gambling products.

Financial assets of the startup: The startup should have the financial means to secure a gaming license in Anjouan and run a gambling establishment there. Anjouan gaming licenses are inexpensive to purchase, but the startup will also need funding to cover costs for things like staff, marketing, and technology.

The leadership group of the startup: A strong management team with knowledge of the gambling sector should lead the startup. The management group will be in charge of managing the startup's gambling operations and making sure that the company abides by all relevant rules and laws.

An Anjouan gaming license may be a good choice for a startup if it can meet these requirements.

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