17 Companies Are Now Developing Virtual Reality Headsets

Following the release of our Virtual and Augmented Reality Device Spectrum map a couple of weeks ago two additional companies have entered the market.

The first one, cMoar is demonstrating at E3 this week and will shortly be announcing a Kickstarter campaign. The second, Altergaze is slightly more advanced from a development perspective, utilises 3D printing and has recently been funded on Kickstarter. Both are mobile device based and from London, UK.

Our original post gives the low-down on the other companies in the Virtual Reality marketplace along with other companies developing Augmented and Mixed reality headsets. Here’s our visualisation of the overall market.

augmented and virtual reality device spectrum

This brings the publicly known total to 17 (forecasted to come to market within 12 months). There are more companies developing VR headsets of course and bear in mind that some of this 17 may not actually deliver a minimum viable developer product.

Nevertheless, in light of this growing number of market entrants the launch timings for the stealth companies become increasingly important.

So, as per the headline from our last post on this subject, the Face Race is definitely on.

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