100 Rules of Second Life

This made me smile. Prad Prathivi over on the Metaversally Speaking blog has a list of 100 Rules of Second Life. Here’s the first 50 and second 50. Arguably NSFW.

My favourites:

2. If her breasts are bigger than your head, shes a man in RL.

17. Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers.

37. If youve been DJing to an empty room for over an hour, its probably time to go home.

42. Bathrooms in SL are pointless.

58. Nobody cares that youre a model. Were all freakin models.

67. Its not a bug, its an unsupported feature.

81. Mac users need to stop pretending theyre any better than PC users. You crash out of SL just as much, so just shut up.