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3 days ago

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Promote and cross-promote: 7 point plan for SL strategy, point 7

Promote and cross-promote: 7 point plan for SL strategy, point 7. So, first let’s recap.

Deploying a Second Life marketing strategy means consideration of several factors prior to actually diving in – just like any other marketing activity.

The first area to look at is the overall marketing strategy in place. The products/services needed to be promoted, the target markets, the messaging and the other campaigns/initiatives taking place. Then issues such as phasing of the SL development and management of it need to be resolved. A full marketing plan needs to be created for the SL activity.

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The technology adoption curve, part two

The technology adoption curve, part two: The early majority. Representing 34% of the population, the Early Majority are the third in line to adopt new technologies and importantly the joint highest in terms of overall numbers.

Whereas Innovators and Early Adopters will often quite willingly trial, test and adopt new products and services, the Early Majority are slightly more elusive and harder to trigger. Just like Innovators tip and influence Early Adopters, the Early Majority rely on (typically first-hand) recommendations from Early Adopters.

It’s important here to refer to the adoption curve (shown below). Early Adopters do a lot of the pushing (up the curve) in terms of raising awareness and helping a product gain commercial standing. By the time the Early Majority get involved, most of the hard work has been done. The role of the Early Majority is to increase the critical mass of take-up.

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SL major brands no.17: Mercedes Benz

SL major brands no.17: Mercedes Benz: It would appear as though Mercedes Benz are about to drive into Second Life. Apparently the SIM will go live before the end of Feb, complete with a showroon/dealership, test track and downloads.
How do I know this? Well, they’ve just launched a website to promote it. Obviously.

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15 Feb

PA Consulting Metaverse Roadmap discussion


PA Consulting Metaverse Roadmap discussion: PA Consulting has just hosted an interesting discussion and presentation event (at their SL office) for the Metaverse Roadmap Initiative. Here’s their website. The initiative is basically a think-tank to explore the possibilities presented by metaverses. The main speaker was Jerry Paffendorf, a Futurist who was actually streaming his audio presentation live from New York.

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15 Feb

Stoke the fire: 7 point plan for SL strategy, point 6

Stoke the fire: 7 point plan for SL strategy, point 6. I’ll (try to) leave the real-world marketing analogies out of this post.

In the context of businesses and brand owners operating within SL, stoking the fire refers to the importance of keeping residents interested in what’s going on at a venue – interested enough to make a return visit (or ten).

  1. Changing features/concepts: updating the features and functionality of the venue itself. This includes introducing new products/services either before (like the Nissan Sentra) they are available or integrating RW launches into a SL venue. In addition to this, adding new functionality into an existing SL venue is another good way of encouraging people to return. Continue reading →
8 Feb

I’m a marketeer, get me in there

I’m a marketeer, get me in there: Registration opens on Feb 9 for guided tours around Second Life for UK-based marketeers. The tours are designed for marketeers with limited experience of Second Life or indeed people with no experience at all.

Find out more at the Second Life Marketing Safari website.

8 Feb

Digital treasure hunts comes to an end (virtually)


Digital treasure hunt comes to an end (virtually). In a great example of integrating real world and virtual world scenarios, a digital treasure hunt has been won by a man from Middlesex (UK).

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6 Feb

Keep the seats warm: 7 point plan for SL strategy, point 5

Keep the seats warm: 7 point plan for SL strategy, point 5. Keep the seats warm – in other words, if you’re going to open up in SL, make sure that at least for the times of the day within your timezone business hours, you have personnel on-site.

There’s nothing worse than reading a press release about a new company opening up in SL, logging in, finding the venue, going to it and then finding it unstaffed. It’s no different to going into a shop without attendants, or walking into a office with no-one on the reception desk.

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3 Feb

Europe drives growth in Second Life


Europe drives growth in Second Life. Over 50% of Second Life residents are from Europe, according to recently released Linden Lab data.

Interestingly, it would appear that the early growth from the US has ultimately caused the shift in Europe now being the largest block of countries. Early residents came from the US within the Innovator category (more about Innovators). As a key phase in the adoption curve for new technology, these people with locally based social networks (localites) in turn influenced Early Adopters – opinion formers with much wider socal networks (cosmopolites).

As the footprint in these wider social networks extends across the world, this is why Europe has now increased in size from a resident perspective to be larger than the US.

This growth has also been media-driven because typically people involved in publishing reside within Early Adopter groups, so the overall awareness in these non-US countries has been amplified by media coverage.

3 Feb

SL interesting place no.11: Capitol Hill


SL interesting place no.11: Capitol Hill. Well, interesting if you’re a) interested in interesting places in SL and/or b) interested in politics and/or c) American.

In early Jan, we saw the first US Congressional presence in SL. The venue was developed by Clear Ink with support from Sun Microsystems and has been designed as a virtual space for political forums.

The first organised event took place on Jan 4 with Chairman of the Democratic Policy Committee, George Miller attending.

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