SL major brands no.17: Mercedes Benz

SL major brands no.17: Mercedes Benz: It would appear as though Mercedes Benz are about to drive into Second Life. Apparently the SIM will go live before the end of Feb, complete with a showroon/dealership, test track and downloads.
How do I know this? Well, they’ve just launched a website to promote it. Obviously.

Automobile manufacturers Car-makers are quickly setting up shop in Second Life. Mercedes follows BMW, Nissan, Toyota and Audi in the metaverse. So, the big question is why so many car-makers?

Sure, it’s not surprising that IT-related companies are in. But why cars?

Firstly, the 3d environment and interaction of SL lends itself perfectly to an enhanced product experience which in turn leverages the brand. Brochures and websites only go so far in demonstrating design values and the overall experience of auto ownership. SL is currently the next best thing to walking into a showroom.

Secondly, there’s the me-too factor. Nissan then Toyota, BMW then Mercedes. These brands track each other very closely and will often run similar paths of marketing.

Thirdly, the demographics of SL. Early to mid thirties, early adopters, high disposable income. One of SL’s greatest assets is the richness (in several senses) of the resident user base.