2010+ VW growth areas Part Two: Music

ftrAn extract from the KZero report, Virtual Worlds 2010:

The music category has been quick to move into virtual space already, with MTV leading the pack with its suite of micro- worlds, themed towards specific content. We anticipate this trend to continue through 2010 and beyond.

Music appears to be a binding force in virtual environments, mainly in the younger demographics and particularly tweens and teens. At this age, they already have an appreciation of music (and a growing affinity towards specific genres and artists).

We see the following areas driving growth for music in virtual worlds.

  • More IP-led platforms: By this we mean specific TV shows and music-based companies creating their own worlds, in order to support offline activities and ‘hand-hold’ audiences for longer periods.
  • Musical virtual goods: iTunes has proved the strength of micro-transactions and music. It’s no surprise that we expect songs as well as music-related virtual goods being aggressively pushed into the space, either into existing worlds or into new worlds.
  • Event simulcasting: Already a tried and tested mechanic, the concept of simulcasting – broadcasting real-time events such as concerts and music shows directly into virtual worlds, is expected to grow further into 2010. This type of promotion allows world owners (and the accompanying third-parties) to charge for access/viewing, using the content as the value. Habbo has already delved into this category and is actively involved with music – their latest foray being the European Music Awards.
  • Virtual Artists: Not so much a 2010 prediction, but certainly a little further down the road we expect a brand type category to arise – the virtual celebrity, or more specifically, the virtual artist. In this scenario, we’re seeing new virtual concepts coming to market allowing users to create their own music. On this basis, extrapolating the feature, we don’t think it will be too long before younger users actually become  ‘virtually famous’ for their musical creations. Watch this space.

Worlds to watch:

  1. Franktown Rocks
  2. Planet Cazmo
  3. Virtual World of Music (NatGeo)
  4. Papa Sangre

You might also want to keep an eye on Dizzy Banjo, a UK-based innovator in the virtual music space ().

The full KZero report, Virtual Worlds 2010+ can be ordered here.

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