3D avatar fashion with Frenzoo

Currently in closed alpha, Hong-Kong based Frenzoo is aiming for the popular (primarily) girls market across Asia Pacific (initially), or as they put it ‘3D fashion and lifestyle for everyone’.

As Techcrunch reported back in May 2007, co-founding Skype engineers participated in the Series A funding round.

Three real world brands are already signed up for the Frenzoo launch, namely Liucia (women’s shoes), Dusty (men’s fashion) and MayMayKing (handbags).

The K Zero case study on Luxury Brands gives marketers in these sectors a great insight into the virtual worlds space.

Some sample imagery is shown below for Frenzoo – maybe one to add to the list…..

Frenzoo progress can be tracked on their blog (not enough VW’s in dev have blogs). And speaking of blogs, Frenzoo CEO and co-founder Simon Newstead also runs the VR Fashion site looking at the latest trends in ‘fashion 2.0′. Here’s some recent stories from this blog:

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