Age profiles: Moshi Monsters vs Bin Weevils

We’re a few days away from releasing our latest report on user age profiles in the Kids, Tweens and Teens virtual worlds market. So, in the meantime, here’s a look at two UK-based worlds gaining significant traction – Moshi Monsters and Bin Weevils.

Our age profile analysis visualises the ages of registered users in a simple to understand chart. First up – Moshi Monsters. The chart below compares 2011 data.

The sweetspot user age is 11 to 12, showing a one year increase from last year, indicating that Moshi is doing a great job with user retention – not surprising given the amount of brand-driven marketing they’ve been doing.

The profile has also widened slightly from last year into younger ages. As this brand continues to grow, the virtual world element becomes part of a larger brand framework and therefore kids are interacting with Moshi via multiple touch-points.

This ‘widening’ might also be as a result of increased efforts in the US. Year on year, the US element of their userbase has proportionately grown against the UK. The chart below shows the top eight countries for Moshi Monsters.

Here’s the age profile chart for Bin Weevils – another UK-based virtual world proving popular with British kids.

The age profile here shows a slightly younger skew than Moshi Monsters, with the sweetspot at 9 years old.

Older usage scales off quickly past 11 years. Referring back to the brand-related efforts from Moshi, we’d expect this age profile to widen once Bin Weevils deploys offline marketing initiatives.

The next chart simply compares the two.

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