Age ranges and gender analysis

Age ranges and gender analysis. What’s often of great surprise to marketers when they first learn about Second Life is the average age of a resident. Compared to MMOGs which have a much younger audience profile, SL has an average resident age in the early thirties – one of the key reasons why companies view SL as an important new marketing channel.

In fact, SL has penetrated much older age ranges, as the graph below shows. This is based on end of June data.

Looking at age ranges on an overall basis, the resident population of SL got older from May to June. This is of particular good news to B2B organisations.

  • The oldest group (45 year old +) grew 4.5%, accounting for 12.2% in June
  • Next oldest (34-44) increased by 2.5% to 21.7%
  • The highest group in total numbers (24-34 year olds) accounted for 38.2% of total residents in June, falling slightly (by 0.6%) from May
  • The youngest segment (18-24) dropped 3.1% to 26.5%

In terms of the male/female gender split, there was little change from May to June with male accounts representing 57.2% and female 42.8%.