Ambling in Ambling: Boats, power, cars and speakers

Alesiter Kronos continues his relentless quest of finding the latest companies in SL on the Ambling in Second Life blog. Here’s the latest from Al.

Korea International Boat Show:TheKorea International Boat Showwill be held in the atomic world in mid-June at Jeonggok Marina in Hwaseong City, Gyeonggi Province. It will be one of the largest marine festivals of its kind in Asia and will provide a focus for the rapidly emerging consumer base in Korea, as well as nearby China and Japan.In April Gyeonggi Province opened a sim in Second Life -Gyeonggido- to promote the boat show and to help develop the local marine leisure industry.Second Life residents can visit facilities such as a floating dock, as well as indoor and outdoor exhibition halls, an auditorium and an event zone featuring various boats and yachts that are at their disposal. They can then try their hand at yacht racing, remote controlled speedboat racing and scuba diving.After the show and Cup are over, the island will become a themed resort allowing residents to experience marine leisure sports, such as yachting, scuba diving and so on – and promote the region.

Union Fenosa:The Second Life island is not the normal corporate showcase. Indeed, on arrival it is hard to find any indication of the company or its business. In fact, you are most likely to pitch up in the Virtual Forest, which is the dominant motif here.

Actually there are 3 forests – evergreen, deciduous and tropical. Rivers separate the forests, and at their confluence there is an island with a small wooden structure that houses the company office.

SEAT:The cars are displayed in an elegant showroom, all sweeping curves and open space. Here you can pick up a range of freebies, ranging from drivers’ helmets to scuba diving gear.

While the latter seems bizarre – as if shoe-horned into the sim – there does seem to be some logic, since you are able to use your newly-gained equipment at theBeach Club. Here, you can also indulge in dancing and generally carousing. The biggest freebie is a car – but you have to win this by completing a series of challenges, at the end of which you receive your license and vehicle. Being totally rubbish at driving in SL, I did not give it a go. Finally there’s a sandbox – which is nice to see.

Pioneer:You arrive at a reception building, where you can take a short tour of the Pioneer museum – in effect, a less-than-thrilling tour through the history of the company. After this, you can make your way outside to avail yourself of the charms of the ‘Pioneer Resort Island‘. The largest building is the 2-floor, cylindrical tower promoting their audio-visual treats, in the form of theKurorange andPure Maltspeakers, mentioned earlier. You can rez a tour balloon, but this is neither comprehensive in locations visited, nor informative in any language. If you choose to walk, there are some show-houses, where you can see theKurohome cinema in situ. Apart from that. there’s a couple of camping areas – one in the Blu Ray dance arena, and one on the beach itself. Freebies are available in the form of T-shirts andKurohome cinema packs.

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