Autodesk and their developer community

Autodesk and their developer community. Already, there are several business models that are uniquely suited to metaverses. For the technology sector, one of them is the ability to create meaningful outreach into developer communities – creating shared collaborative spaces to provide third-party companies and individuals with the ability to interact with companies and their software applications.

Back in November 2006, Autodesk launched their island in Second Life specifically for this purpose. Autodesk is a global software company that develops 2D and 3D modelling tools for sectors such as Architecture, Engineering and Construction. And, recently, they opened up the island to non-developers.

The island is divided into several zones.

  • Orientation: a guide to the island and hyperlinks out to websites
  • Concept demos: product applications
  • Building demo: construction and design showcase
  • Stage: for seminars and in-world presentations

Virtual worlds such as Second Life provide many applications and benefits for software companies. More information about these benefits can be found in the K Zero technology sector case study.
Here’s the SLurl for Autodesk Island.