Brands in Virtual Reality

Brands and IP’s have always been interested in the virtual world sector, creating their own experiences (branded virtual worlds) or entering third party games and worlds via branded virtual goods.

Now, with the growing emergence of virtual reality, led by the Oculus Rift, we’re starting to see the same trend. This is happening in two ways. Firstly, brands are creating their own experiences on an ‘official basis’. Secondly, just as we’ve seen in the virtual worlds sector, particularly in properties such as Minecraft and Second Life (i.e UGC) fans of brands are creating ‘unofficial’ virtual reality experiences.

We’ve been tracking these official and unofficial virtual world initiatives since 2006, so it’s about time we tracked the virtual reality sector. Our Slideshare presentation below presents the first tranche of Brands in Virtual Reality.

We’ll be updating this each time a new VR experience is published, including our own. These games and experiences can be downloaded from the WeArVR virtual reality portal. A high-res version of this presentation can be ordered here.

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