Business Week covers L’Oreal Paris campaign

Our integrated virtual marketing campaign for L’Oreal Paris in Second Life has made it into a recent Business Week story

An extract from the ‘Second Life Marketing: Still Strong’ article:

Smart marketers will imagine their brands not as they are in the real world, but as they fit within this free-form play space. Among Second Life’s most popular locales is “Greenies,” a giant living room that makes avatars seem as small as ants. It’s here that a British agency launched a campaign for its client, L’Oreal Paris, not as a traditional billboard, but as custom-made virtual products discretely placed inside a lady’s SUV-size purse. After the first three months, Second Life residents had snatched up 34,000 copies of L’Oreal-branded objects. An amazing virtual item click-through rate of about 3% of the active user base (assuming some individuals took more than one).

Full article here.