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28 Dec

No 7 puckers up

Luxury Brands

UK retailer Boots has brought its cosmetics brand No.7 into Second Life with the help of Rivers Run Red. No.7 is sharing space on one of the Rivers Run Red islands along with some other brands. The notecard gives a concise explanation of the campaign…..

Taken from the notecard:

Thanks for stopping by, we hope you will enjoy the No 7 Christmas Look by Lisa Eldridge, celebrity make up artist and No 7 Creative Director. This is the first of the No 7 cosmetic ranges to be available for inworld shopping, and is an exclusive preview here before it hits shops in the UK.

Lisa was inspired by classic French glamour, and created for No 7 a look that is perfect for making a big entrance at any gathering this coming party season.

All proceeds from sales of No 7 in SL will be donated to Breast Cancer Care, who we are proud to have supported for over ten years now. Or you might like to make a donation to this worthy cause, just touch one of our donation points and give what you can.

We hope you will join our group – we’ll keep you updated when Lisa’s next creation is available, and for news on what Lisa is up to for No 7 both in SL and in the UK. And from 25 October 2007 you’ll be able to buy the French Fancy cosmetic collection in our UK stores and online at

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26 Dec

Love, Aly, a LOr?ɬ©al Paris stockist

Luxury Brands, Metabrands

Located in the Velda region, Love Aly is owned by Alyssum Therian and taking part in the LOr?ɬ©al Paris campaign. Here’s is the SLurl. More photos here.

Aly has a blog showcasing her latest work as well as charitable projects here.

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26 Dec

Nicky Ree, a LOr?ɬ©al Paris stockist

Luxury Brands, Metabrands

Located in the Tropical Orchid region, Nicky Ree is a participating store in the LOr?ɬ©al Paris campaign. Here’s the SLurl. Owned by the one and only Nicky Ree, the store is a fine purveyor of high-end clothing for women. More photos here.

Nicky displays her latest creations (and numerous reviews) on her blog, here.

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26 Dec

Lassitude & Ennui, a L’Or?ɬ©al Paris stockist

Luxury Brands, Metabrands

Located in the Nouveau region, Lassitude & Ennui is a store participating in the LOr?ɬ©al Paris campaign. The store is owned and managed by Jackal Ennui – here’s the SLurl. More photos here.

Jackal blogs here on the latest developments at Lassitude & Ennui.

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26 Dec

Calla, a LOr?ɬ©al Paris stockist

Luxury Brands, Metabrands

Located in the Callatropia region, Calla is one of the stores participating in the LOr?ɬ©al Paris make-up looks campaign. Haedon Quinn is the brains behind Calla – here’s the SLurl. Calla specialises in hair and jewelry. More photos here.

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17 Dec

Supersizing in the Kitchen with L’Or?ɬ©al Paris

Luxury Brands, Metabrands

Here’s some supersized images from the Greenies Kitchen, part of the L’Or?ɬ©al Paris campaign. Read more about product placement and supersizing here.

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17 Dec

The L’Oreal Paris make-up looks in Second Life

Luxury Brands, Metabrands

Here’s the full set of make-up looks available in Second Life from L’Oreal Paris.

Plum Perfect (featuring Milla Jovovich)

Vintage Glamour (featuring Penelope Cruz)

Perfectly Pastel (featuring Eva Longoria)

L’Oreal Paris: A Branded Virtual Goods campaign from KZero

L’Oreal Paris (UK) has launched their branded virtual goods campaign in Second Life with strategy, planning and implementation provided by KZero.

The campaign has been created to promote a range of real life and virtual world make-up looks across Second Life and is comprised of the following elements:


Four real world make-up looks have been created and made available to residents as branded virtual goods. These looks have been created as skins and shapes. Second Life was selected as the most appropriate metaverse for this campaign due to the presence of early adopters falling into their target market as well as the incumbent demand for avatar customisation.

The first two make-up looks are Vintage Glamour (featuring Penelope Cruz)and Some like it Scarlett (featuring Scarlett Johansson).

You can see all the make-up looks here.

Virtual retailing and distribution strategy

Rather than create an island-based venue and attempt to drive traffic out from the mainland, instead a selection of existing Second Life fashion metabrands have partnered with L’Oreal Paris to promote and stock the make-up looks.

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Vidal Sassoon and HairPiHi

Sorry, HiPiHi.

HiPiHi has announced that Vidal Sassoon is partnering with them to launch ‘Midnight City’ – ‘China’s first-ever hair salon inside a virtual world environment’. This initiative follows the recent Intel announcement for HiPiHi.

Fashion and luxury brands are starting to realise the benefits of virtual world marketing, based heavily on the fact that avatars have a strong desire to customise their appearances.

Here’s the rest of this story, taken from the press release and also reported on Mobinode. Continue reading →

20 Nov

The Retail sector and Second Life: entry timelines

Luxury Brands

Brand entry timelines for the retail sector are shown below. This category has increased its presence in recent months with companies from several different countries entering. This differs from the tech sector, which is dominated by US-based operations.

Retail as a category is an interesting one for virtual worlds and in particular the concept of virtual retailing. Learn more about this concept here.

What’s also of note is the growing interest of luxury brands in virtual worlds.

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