Comcastic!. American cable and high-speed internet provider Comcast has finally opened up their Second Life island, under the concept Comcastic!.

So, in the real world they supply telephony, broadband and programming down the pipes. In another words they provide entertainment and bring people together. This appears to be the basic concept for the Comcast island. It’s basically an amusement park with a tube racing game and some jetskis. But not a lot else.

This is a shame because there’s already many other places in SL where you can race vehicles. And, if you really want to have a race in a brand environment, surely you would go to one of the many automobile venues already present in SL. So, some duplication here.

Bringing these types of games together on an island is already starting to become a bit of a cliche in SL and from a branding and positioning perspective doesn’t do a great deal to bring Comcast closer to the residents. Virtual world marketing is all about new initiatives, new ideas and attempting brand leverage. There’s not a great deal of that at Comcast island unfortunately.

And, this then poses the question of what would a real life theme park do in a virtual world? Implement in-world telephony services perhaps! Doubtful.

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