Comparing user profiles: Poptropica, Moshi Monsters and Jumpstart

We’ve had three posts so far looking at individual user base age profiles for Poptropica, Moshi Monsters and Jumpstart. And, whilst looking at these worlds in isolation throws up some interesting data points and findings, it’s as interesting to compare all three side by side.

The chart below presents the specific age profiles for these three virtual words.

The wider overall age spread of Moshi Monsters is clearly shown, peaking at the 10-11 spots. Poptropica follows a similar pattern to Moshi, albeit in a tighter age band.

And the penetration into younger ages achieved by Jumpstart also stands out.

The chart below shows this data on a cumulative user base basis.

pop jump moshi2Looking at the data this way demonstrates how close the Poptropica and Moshi Monsters user bases actually are, with the trend lines extremely similar.

Turning to Jumpstart, on a point by point basis this virtual world is on average four years younger than the other two.

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