Cross-world gaming explained

Interoperability, KZero Clients

K Zero client Myrl has a plan – to create a cross-world gaming platform enabling multiple VW’s, avatars, mobile devices and even brands to come together to create the next phase of metaverse entertainment.

The schematic shown is a nifty overview created byFrancesco D’Orazioexplaining how cross-world gaming will work using the outeroperability approach pioneered by K Zero. Now, sure this is enabled by technology but the secret to the success of this will be creativity and storytelling.

Here’s how Francesco explains it:

“Virtual Worlds represent a huge opportunity for the entertainment and the marketing industry. They can be effectively used as areas and/or levels of a huge hybrid gaming system that brings together virtual worlds, real spaces and the web to build compelling immersive experiences, similar in a way to being inside their own movie or personal adventure.

We want to add a gaming layer to the virtual worlds space by providing a tool that will help generating and experiencing various kinds of storylines, from simple user-generated paths to explore different spaces according to a specific theme to games, treasure hunts and alternate reality games across virtual worlds, real spaces and the web. Its a tough challenge because there are no technological standards but the opportunity is there, we have the vision and the rest of the community is thrilled as much as we are at the idea of providing cross-world and cross-platform immersive experiences.

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