KZero on Bloomberg: Will Facebook Trigger an Acquisition Spree in the Virtual Reality Sector?

Big deals always get attention and that’s certainly true following the $2bn acquistion of Oculus VR by Facebook. Bloomberg writers Serena Saitto and Olga Kharif have assessed the ‘other’ companies in the VR space along with potential suitors for purchase. KZero CEO Nic Mitham was a contributer to the Bloomberg article, titled ‘Oculus Boosts Funding Appeal of Virtual-Reality Startups‘. Here’s an extract…

In the hours after Facebook Inc. announced plans to buy Oculus VR Inc., messages came pouring in at Virtuix Omni.

“My inbox has been flooded by investors who want to touch base,” said Jan Goetgeluk, 30, founder and chief executive officer at the startup, which makes a treadmill-like device that lets users move their feet to navigate within computer games. Goetgeluk is in talks to raise $2 million of venture funding from private and institutional investors.

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