Gaia brings in Sony and Warner Bros

In February 2007, US company Movietickets opened a virtual movie theatre in Second Life. In late 2006, Fox Atomic opened their virtual studio in Second Life. The objectives of these projects? – to attempt to create virtual communities of people interested in film.

Shifting out of Second Life and into Gaia Online, Gaia has recently agreed a deal with Sony Pictures and Warner Brothers to show selected films and shows in-world.

As explained in this post, compared to watching a movie directly off a web page, virtual worlds have the ability to create a sense of shared experience when it comes to watching films.What’s clever about Gaia cinema is that not only can you select a movie theatre to watch a film but you can only create private screenings and just invite your friends.

Here’s a video showing how this actually works.

The Sony/Warner deal means Gaia is now showing some pretty popular movies, which is all good in terms of getting Gaian’s interested and watching. Here’s a selection of films currently screening.

You’ll notice these are free to watch, but it will not be long before virtual movie watching becomes a revenue stream for both world owners and of course movie studios.What’s also of interest here is the fact that Sony Pictures has chosen to place films into Gaia when they have their own virtual world (Home) currently in Beta and set for launch next year.

Gaia is featured in the K Zero Kids and Tweens virtual worldscase study.