Habbo and Stardoll show largest growth in Q3 2009

Overall growth in registered accounts grew by 92m to 671m in Q3 2009. From the 92m total growth figure, 53% came from the top eight virtual worlds.

Drilling down into the major players, Habbo and Stardoll grew the greatest, with 13m and 12m increases respectively.  The graph below shows quarterly growth (from Q2 to Q3) for the ‘big eight’. Habbo and Stardoll quarterly growth accounts for over 25% of the total market growth.

Although it’s the Grand-Daddy of the sector, Habbo continues to show dominance in the virtual worlds sector from a user acquisition perspective, with an increasing number of brands chosing them over other worlds to market into the teen segment – the latest being MTV and the EMA’s. Stardoll is also attracting brands in-world, the latest being the Baby Phat range from Kimora Lee Simmons.

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