Ikea to sell virtual furniture in The Sims

The Guardian reports that Electronic Arts, producers of The Sims has announced a partnership with Ikea to allow virtual furniture to be bought in game (an example of Dynamic Retailing). From June 27, European players of Sims 2 will be able to decorate their homes with a virtual Malm Bed, Leksvik coffee table and Ektorp sofa. They’re even going as far as offering business related items as well.


“The success of The Sims has generated a number of online communities committed to the game and eager to share content they have created inside the game,” said Nancy Smith, the EA global president for The Sims label.

“As a result, we know not only players’ passion for creating their own content but their desire to interact with brands. It’s an environment in which players like to blur the line between the digital and real world.”

The Ikea UK marketing manager, Anna Crona, added that the Sims tie-up fitted neatly with the brand’s current marketing line, that home is the most important place in the world.

“For Ikea, The Sims 2 represents a media channel. This is a great channel for us to reach young and young at heart,” Crona said.

Real world brands selling virtual versions of their products! It’ll never catch on! ;)

Best read more about Virtual Retailing here.

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