Kids virtual world popularity across the EU

Here’s the master summary of the Dubit research looking at kids virtual worlds. The countries included in this research were: UK, France, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.

Below is the summary slide ranked by the % of the sample that has played/registered each world.

dubit eu allClub Penguin comes out top with 14.5% of the sample having played it. Second place goes to Barbie Girls with 13% with Habbo in third. Interestingly GoSupermodel beats Stardoll based on this research, albeit by a couple of % points.

Looking at this EU summary from a company-location perspective…

dubit eu wide 7 to 10.002Excluding Facebook Games and older MMOs, Habbo takes the crown at the top European-based VW, followed by GoSupermodel. Moshi Monsters and Stardoll are next in popularity.

The full report can be ordered here.

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