KZero Radar chart Q2 2011

Hot off the heels of our updated Universe chart, we’ve just released the updated Radar chart for the same period (you can order the Q2 Radar here). The Radar chart shows virtual worlds by category and stage of development. Here’s one of the segments showing Education,/Learning, Fashion/Lifestyle and Music.



Major developments this quarter (and year)….. Education and Brands/IP are leading the charge in terms of new worlds in development.

Education is an interesting topic because so many worlds claim to have educational content (mainly to try to get buy-in from the parents) but in effect just have a handful of loosely positioning learning games. We’re now seeing worlds coming to market with content specifically tailored to curriculums and dedicated learning patterns/subjects. And we’re pleased to be deeply involved in this key growth area working with clients such as Petra’s Planet, Quaver, HiHola and several others.

Brands and IP, in the form of branded virtual worlds (BVW’s) has been and continues to be another hot-spot. Creating virtual experiences around movies and TV IP led the charge here (an example being the upcoming Adventure in Oz VW with added KZero goodness). Now we’re seeing a whole range of different IP’s (some old, some new) being brought (back) to life virtually. One major upside of creating BVW’s is the ability to monetize at rates typically above average via branded virtual goods.

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