LEGO uses UGC for new Universe logo

LEGOuniverse isscheduledfor release sometime late 2009 but planning for the upcoming MMOG (Lego’s positioning, rather than a virtual world) appears well thought-out and geared well towards raising awareness.

The supporting website has been in place for a while now, quietly gathering interest in the beta via the newsletter. Now LEGO has unveiled the new logo for Universe, created by the design team but during the development process LEGO reached out to LEGO fans asking for their own creations (read more about LEGO UGC here). Here’s some user submissions.

Having a history in brand development, this is particularly interesting to me and also demonstrates a structured andcommittedway of launching a virtual world leveraging heavily real world brand values. Here’s the new LEGOuniverse logo.

LEGO and the LEGO logo are trademarks of the LEGO Group. No trademark infringement intended.

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