Lottaworlds: Those lucky lucky boys and girls

Oh to be a kid again.

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve seen several new virtual worlds for kids and tweens make announcements about pending launches. And, factoring these into the already high number of existing worlds means it’s exciting time for kids and tweens.

Here’s a recap of kids and tween worlds in development or just launched:



Lego Universe

Lola’s Land



Teckdeck Live




Is this too many? No, it’s just the beginning. As the table below shows, worlds are popping up to address specific age pockets within the kids and tween ranges.

Add on to this list virtual worlds currently in stealth-mode and you’re approaching the 30 – 40 number. Competition is going to get tough, so differentiation is crucial in this category (particularly if there’s no real world brand to leverage). Not to mention the requirement to be continually enhancing the in-world (and related out of world) experience.

Let the games begin.