Marketing strategies in virtual worlds: The 7 Points

Back in 2006 K Zero released the first ever strategic framework for companies wishing to deploy marketing into virtual worlds – The 7 Point Plan.

Today, the updated 7 Point Plan for Marketing in Virtual Worlds is released, incorporating the freshest strategic recommendations for marketers wishing to move into the metaverse space in 2008/9. This report is free and available on request here.

The 15 page report contains the following sections:

What is a virtual world?

Why are virtual worlds growing?

Who is a typical resident?

The media landscape

Point 1: This is marketing, so have a plan

Point 2: Design is an output, not an input

Point 3. Integrate

Point4. Giving is better than receiving

Point5. Keep the seats warm

Point6. Stoke the fire

Point7. Promote and cross-promote

Included in the report are examples of marketing campaigns in Second Life, vSide, Stardoll, vMTV and many other virtual worlds. Brands and companies in the report include DKNY, Sephora, Warner Bros, L’Oreal Paris, Pepsi and many others.

The 7 Point Plan is ideal for marketers considering entrance into virtual worlds as well as operators seeking market insight.