Metabrand for auction on eBay


I’ve talked before about Phat Cats, the highly popular Jazz club in Second Life. It’s popularity highlights the role of music and socialising in virtual worlds as well as the importance and relevance of genre-based locations.

Well, Phat Cats is being put up for sale on Oct 1 on eBay by ownersJody Huet, Amethyst Jetaime, and Barbarella Noel. This will be very interesting to watch, in terms of putting a real world value on a metabrand. The last major eBay sale of a SL business/venue was Virtual Amsterdam and went for $50,000.

We have reached many of the professional and personal goals we held going into ownership, and we are moving to focus our attention on other projects. Phat Cats has always been a magical place, where Second Life residents can find a luxurious escape from the mundane pressures of daily life. The clubs hosts, hostesses, and managers work around the clock to create a warm and inviting environment where anyone can feel welcome. We cant wait to see that environment continue, even as ownership of the club changes hands.

Like most metabrands in SL, Phat Cats has a dedicated website, here.

Phat Cat’s Jazz Club Overview

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