Microsoft (Visual Studio) Island

Microsoft (Visual Studio) Island. Following on from an initital foray into Second Life a couple of months ago with their Vista launch, Microsoft now has their own dedicated island.

The island, Visual Studio Island is themed around the software application of the same name. This application is an integrated development platform for programmers who design standalone and web-based apps. But that’s enough about that.

The launch of the island centred around a treasure hunt (for eggs) and those lucky enough to find them and crack some codes were given free virtual land.

The island itself is squarely aimed at Visual Studio developers and also has a sandbox area next to the main building. The building itself is a relatively straightforward affair although there’s a series of logic-based puzzles with entry to a special VIP room as the prize.

Microsoft also has a microsite to promote their SL activity. Here’s the link. Furthermore, some outward promotion is used to promote their ‘Defy All Challenges‘ campaign – their communications effort to promote Visual Studio.