Music videos in virtual worlds

You know you have a really engaging virtual world when users start creating content within it – if it’s allowed that is. Obviously for K&T VW’s giving users the ability to create content can lead to moderation (etc) issues, but for older teen worlds it’s a great idea. It’s also a as IMVU’s recent performance clearly demonstrates.

On that note, here’s a selection of machinima showing users re-creating music videos inside virtual worlds. Hat’s off to these guys as it’s a time-consuming exercise but perhaps these types of environments are breeding grounds for the movie directors of tomorrow.

Furthermore, we’re now seeing an emerging trend of real world artists using virtual environments as creative platforms.

Also expect to see a greater degree of involvement between artists and fans in the future. Sure, following someone on Facebook on Twitter provides a tertiary level of engagement but understanding and then leveraging these relations from virtual worlds brings both stakeholders much closer together.

Our case study, The Five Rules of Virtual Brand Management provides a strategic framework for real world brands and entities to maximise these opportunities.

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