NBC experiments with Sunday Night football

NBC EXPERIMENTS WITH SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL: Following the last NBC event in SL (a Xmas tree lighting in a virtual Times Square), the next stop is Sunday Night football – another example of integrating two different media channels. NBC created a game for football fans to play.
The Xmas game between the Cowboys and the Eagles (that’s Dallas vs Philadelphia if you’re not in the States/familar with US football) was supported in-world with a ‘guess-the-play’ game with Linden $s as for grabs for the winners.

The event was hosted at the sports bar on the NBC island, Second City 3.

Smart marketers are beginning to understand, appreciate and test the syngergies available between incumbant media channels like TV and emerging platforms like Second Life. Nissan were one of the first to do this with their ‘Seven Days in a Sentra‘ campaign.

Just as we see concepts taking from print moving to outdoor, to online etc, the companies that will yield the most success in Second Life will be the ones that create interactive brand-reinforcing campaigns in-world which engage their respective audiences.