Real places recreated part four: Historic landmarks

Real places recreated part four: Historic landmarks. As this series of posts is showing, Second Life has been used in great ways to recreate real life places. Also, shown has been the effect these types of places has on building communities of people who spend significant dwell times there.

Real world modern-day cities are probably the most effective at driving and retaining visitor traffic and related to this, historic landmarks have the same effect. An additional benefit (to visitors) by creating historic landmarks in Second Life is educational. As shown below, there’s been some incredibly detailed builds of famous tourist attractions and some of these projects have been able to accurately recreate not only the design element and also the cultural spirit of the time.

Here’s some historic landmarks:

Eiffel Tower no.1 from the Paris in the 1900s project. SLurl.

The Champs-Elysees from the same venue.

Eiffel Tower no. 2. SLurl

Empire State Building

Statue of Liberty SLurl

Yankee Stadium, here’s a post. The SLurl.

Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland. SLurl.