Renault F1 and ING. Second Life is the Pits

Renault F1 and ING. Second Life is the Pits. And the race track.

Adding to the list of automobile brands already in Second Life, the Renault F1 racing team in partnership with ING have opened a truely immersive experience into the world of Formula One.

It’s been extremely interesting to watch the strategies deployed by automobile brands and organisations in SL. Companies like Mercedes, Pontiac and Nissan have created virtual venues that have strongly leveraged their brand values in a very positive way. They have done this by understanding the uniqque dynamics of metaverses and then committed to reaching out to their target markets.

And with any type of marketing/media platform, there’s good examples and those which are not so good. Unfortunately the Mazda and BMW venues (to date) fall into the latter category. Here’s a timeline of the car brands to date in SL.

This venue enables fans of F1 to get a lot closer to the sport in ways not possible up to now – unless you’ve managed to get a paddock or pit pass – and they don’t give these out without a fight.

On-going support for SL venues (an existence plan) is extremely important in order to demonstrate committment to the platform as well as develop virtual communities, and in this instance fanbases. Also important is integration between real world and virtual world activities. The in-world media centre achieves this objective as well as the streaming media features around the track and a timetable of events.

And of course, there’s the ability to race around the track. Currently this does not mean getting behind the wheel of a F1 car. Instead, once you’ve donned a helmet, you can race a go-kart. A nice feature to have here would be a leaderboard for the fastest resident racers.


To date, this venue sets the bar in terms of understanding how to take a real world activity and leverage the attributes and possibilities within metaverses.

The Renault F1 racing team has a blog to support their activities. Here’s the link. This is a Rivers Run Red project.