Scion goes There(.com)

Scion goes There(.com). In a similiar move to Nissan, Toyota has broadened its reach in the metaverse space by taking the Scion into another world, this time


Here’s a post about The Scion presence in Second Life, Scion City.

Michael Wilson, CEO of Makena Technologies is quoted (via their press release) as saying:

“Club Scion is an excellent example of how works closely with marketers to develop concepts that enable consumers to interact with products and brands in ways that have never been done in other mediums. We’re well beyond banners and text ads. These are truly immersive marketing programs.”

Adrian Si, Scion interactive marketing manager added:

“Scion understands the power virtual worlds can offer marketers when programs are implemented creatively and with a great user experience as the guiding principle. is a great choice for our newest virtual world venture and we think Club Scion is a fun way for the community to discover our brand. members will better understand Scion’s product attributes as they explore our larger than life-size car models.” often uses the concept of ‘clubs’ to tag and name different places in the world. In this instance Scion has three clubs, one for each of the models featured. The clubs are available for members to use as nightclubs (music is a binding factor) with walkways inside the extra large car interiors. Interactive areas also provide information about the cars.


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