SL interesting places no 14: Paris in the 1900s

SL interesting places no 14: Paris in the 1900s. I wrote a story not so long ago about the unofficial Apple store in Second Life. This project was completed by a resident purely due to an affection with the Apple brand and demonstrates the high level of brand advocacy inside Second Life. On this note, welcome to Paris in the 1900’s.


This is probably the most ambitious real-world destination project seen to date in SL in terms of both scale/size and attention to detail. Here’s the SLurl so you can see for yourself.

So how can this project be classified?

Firstly you could call it a history/education venue. The island was completed by residents with a love for Paris at the turn of the last century and therefore has a lot of value for people interested in immersing into a lesson in architecture.

Secondly, this island is a showcase for high detail building in SL, demonstrated primarily by the Eiffel Tower. There’s another Eiffel Tower’s in SL, but none compare to this one in terms of re-creating the actual design.

Thirdly, you can have fun here. In true James Bond style (remember a View to a Kill?) you can teleport to the top of the tower and take a parachute jump down to the bottom. Simple fun but fun nonetheless and actually does serve a purpose because flying has been prevented on the island so taking the jump is the only way to see the venue from an elevated position.

And finally, whether intentional or not, this is tourism marketing.