SL major brands no.16: Toyota (Scion City)

SL major brands no.16: Toyota (Scion City): The main Toyota presence in Second Life to date is Scion City – a heavily urban designed island with a slightly futuristic feel to it. Set the sun to ‘sunset’ to get the best feel for the island.


One of the main features of Scion City, apart from showcasing different models of cars is ability to take one for a test drive (always a nice feature – especially when supported with functionality to request a test drive in real world) as well as the ability for owners of the cars (on sale around the $300l mark) to customise them. Now we’re talking. In fact, announced today is a two-week program at Scion teaching new SL residents basic skills in customisation.
The central building on the island houses the three car models available: the Scion xA, the xB and Tc.


Here’s a close-up of the tC.


The customisation element is a nice feature and a good way of creating engagement with the visitors to the venue. Showcased cars even have their own garage…the Scion City Owners Showcase.

And a nearby parking lot has a few other cars being worked on. Of course, there’s one with monster wheels.


The city has various roads (let’s call them boulevards) which means you can drive test-drive motors right out of the central building. Someone thought it would be funny to park a Nissan Sentra there. Well, I do think that’s kinda funny.


Here’s the Slurl for Scion City.

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