SL major brands no.19: Pontiac

SL major brands no.19: Pontiac. In terms of supporting an ongoing presence in Second Life, Pontiac is up there. Not content with simply having an island in SL, they regularly ‘stoke the fire‘ in terms of encouraging repeat visitors to their virtual set-up. It’s a great example of deploying and leveraging a brand within a dynamic channel and attempting to develop advocate communities.

The underlying concept and theme driving the Pontiac SL venue is called Motorati. Here’s the Motorati website. Pontiac focuses on two main ideas in SL. Firstly, customisation – allowing residents to take the standard Pontiac cars and make them their own. Secondly, competition and as an output of this idea, community building – this is achieved via race meetings. So, as you’d exepct, a lot of the venue consists of raods and racetracks.

Second Life is a fantastic platform and marketing channel for automobile brands.

Pontiac has six adjacent islands in SL:

  1. Pontiac
  2. Motorati
  3. Velocity
  4. Ride
  5. Drive In
  6. Garage

Buckle up.