The State of the Virtual Worlds Market – KZero Radar Chart for Q1 2013

Here it is – the updated KZero Radar chart for Q1 2013.

Whereas the Universe chart shows the number of registered accounts for each virtual world and MMO in the market, the Radar chart segments these companies by genre and operational stage. The segments are:

  • Socializing / Open: Worlds that focus more on chat and user interaction, rather than gaming.
  • Casual Gaming: Worlds that are basically gaming malls.
  • Misc: We had to have a misc section! These include faith-based worlds (a growing segment) along with B2B platforms and other.
  • Mirror: Worlds that simulate places in the real world.
  • Questing / Adventure: Game-based worlds that focus on exploration and questing. Includes fantasy roleplay.
  • Toys / Real World Games: Worlds based on existing toy and game IPs.
  • Music: As it says on the tin.
  • Fashion / Lifestyle: Worlds based around avatar customization and dress-up.
  • Education / Development: Worlds focussed on user self-development and learning.
  • Sports: Self-explanatory.
  • TV / film / books: Worlds based on existing IPs in these categories.
  • Content Creation / UGC : Worlds that allow users to create objects and assets.

Each virtual world / MMO is colored according to their operational stage. Red for active, green for in-development and black for closed (here’s some reasons for those closures).

We have a full presentation report showing each segment of the Radar chart that can be ordered here. Shown below is the segment covering TV/Film/Books, Sports and Content Creation.

Focusing on the TV/Film/Book segment, expect a number of new companies to bring their existing IPs to market this year (many of which are still in stealth mode and therefore not listed). As publishers and IP owners seek to drive digital revenues, creating online worlds is a key strategy for them. Good examples in this instance include Toonix (from Turner), Adventure in Oz, Transformers Universe and PBS.

Moving to the Content Creation segment, although Minecraft and Roblox are the dominant players, the power of User Generated Content is expected to stimulate activity across all age ranges.

Order the full presentation here. The Slideshare version will be posted shortly.

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